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Yes, this is the time of the year we in ASCLS-Az/Nv are calling for nominations for the following elected positions: President, President-elect, Secretary,Secretary-elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-elect, and 2 Board Member at large, Student Forum Representative, and 4-5 delegates to the National Meeting in July each year.

For some reason folks seem to think these are formidable positions that they cannot possibly fill. They do take some time, yes. But they are learning experiences that offer much. As you all know we Clinical Laboratory Scientists provide extremely valuable contributions to Health Care. I know many of us feel that others in the Health Care systems do not seem to realize this. However, maybe that is partly our responsibility in that we do not make our voices heard. The way others in the Health Care fields have made progress is through organized effort. ASCLS is our organization which can and has made our concerns known to the “powers that be”. However, we need your help and input. Please be willing to spend some time to make our voice even stronger.

The time involved is 6 scheduled meetings per year of the Board of Directors which usually last from one to two hours. Right now they are held via teleconference on Saturday mornings—the third Saturday in September, November, January, March, May, and July. However, this is not etched in stone. The May meeting is usually combined with the Member meeting. So please consider how you may help our profession grow. If you would like to know what is involved in any of the positions that are open please feel free to contact any of the current Board of Directors (listed on the Web site ) or me at phone no. (520)325-5361 or e-mail me at (

Thank you in advance for considering this.


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by May 1,2011

Shirley Pitts, Nominations Chair among other responsibilities.

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